Swiss Army Watch Battery Replacement Guide

In this guide, we will explain how to replace a Swiss Army watch battery. It does require some tools and a steady hand. Make sure to work very carefully to prevent additional damage while replacing the battery. 

If you’d prefer to leave the battery replacement to the experts, many opt to use our Swiss Army mail-in watch battery replacement service. You can request a free, printable shipping label to mail your watch to our service center.

If you feel comfortable performing the process on your own, follow the steps below.

Swiss Army Watch Battery Replacement Guide

1. Open the Back of a Swiss Army Watch

First, we will need to remove the back of your Swiss Army. For some Swiss Army watches, you’ll need to use a common cover remover. Insert the edge in between the seal and lift the case up.

Other Swiss Army watches have a back case with multiple indentations. For these, you’ll want to use an adjustable watch case opener to safely open your watch. You can also use a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Adjust the size of the watch opener to fit around the back shell of the watch. Line up the nobs with the indentations of the case, and twist the cover off.

2. Find the Battery Size of a Swiss Army Watch

Once the back is open, you’ll be able to view the inner components of the watch – including the cell battery. With a magnifying glass, look at what battery size powers your Swiss Army. 

Swiss Army usually use a 370 (SR626SW), 389, or CR1225.

We recommend using a quality brand such as Duracell or Renata when replacing the battery of your Swiss Army watch. At our repair center, we stock all three battery sizes – as well as dozens of other sizes.

3. How to Change a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Battery

Take note of the way the battery is facing, you’ll need to replace the new one in the same manner. Inside certain Swiss Army watches, there is a clip over the battery that holds the cell in place. The clip may be screwed or pinned over the top. If there is a clip, carefully remove or loosen it. 

Once the Swiss Army battery is accessible, insert your tool of choice into the opening. Slowly ease the old battery from the casing. Unpackage your new battery and replace it in the same spot.

Gently press the new battery into position, and reclip if necessary. Make sure not to nick any other mechanisms inside the watch, as this can cause more serious, auxiliary damage. 

Before closing the back cover, make sure the watch is functional. If it is not, you may have installed the battery incorrectly, or there may be additional damage to the watch. You can mail it to our service center for a complete inspection.

4. Secure the Cover Back on the Swiss Army Watch

If your watch is keeping time and functioning properly, great! The last step is to add the back cover onto the watch. If your watch was a hinge cover, the easiest way to perform this is with a watch press set

If you used an adjustable watch cover remover, you can simply use that tool to close the case as well.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to change a battery on a Swiss Army watch. If you are having issues, please feel free to request a shipping label and mail the watch to our repair specialists. We provide a variety of Swiss Army watch repair services, including battery replacements, movement services, watch face crystal replacements, band repairs, and more. We will be happy to help restore your watch back to complete functionality.