Citizen Watch Battery Replacement Guide

In this guide, we will explain how to replace a Citizen watch battery. Make sure to work very carefully to prevent additional damage to your watch. 

If you’d prefer to leave the battery replacement to the experts, many opt to use our Citizen mail-in watch battery replacement service. You can request a free, printable shipping label to mail your watch to our service center.

If you feel comfortable performing the process on your own, follow the steps below on how to change a Citizen watch battery.

Citizen Watch Battery Replacement Guide

1. Does My Citizen Watch Even Have a Battery?

First, you will need to diagnose the model of Citizen watch you have. If it is labeled a “Quartz” watch, the movement is powered with a standard battery (and you can skip to Step 2). However, if it is labeled as an “Eco-Drive” watch, it is not powered with a battery.

An Eco-Drive watch is powered with a special type of cell called a capacitor. Capacitors generate power when exposed to light sources, and undergo a power saving mode when kept in darkness. Capacitors generally need a replacement every 5-15 years.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend changing out solar capacitors without training. It can be done, but there is a higher risk of permanently damage the watch. If you need a Citizen Eco-Drive watch battery replacement, you can request a free shipping label. Our specialists have the training and experience to restore full functionality.

2. Open the Back of a Citizen Quartz Watch

The following steps will walk you through a Citizen quartz watch battery replacement. This can be difficult without the proper tools handy. Different Citizen models are opened in different ways, so look at the back case of your watch to see what it looks like.

If the case has only one, small indentation along the outer ring of the case, it’s most likely a hinge back. You’ll need to place the edge of a flat tool (we recommend a common watch cover remover) underneath this backing hinge, and lift. With a little pressure, the case will loosen and lift up.

If the case has multiple indentations, you’ll likely need to use an adjustable cover remover. With this tool, you can adjust the back shell to the width of the watch, line up the knobs, and turn the cover loose.

3. Find the Battery Size of a Citizen Quartz Watch

Once the back is open, you’ll be able to view the inner components of the watch – including the battery. With a magnifying glass, look at what battery size powers your Citizen. The size will be visible on the battery itself. Purchase the exact same type of battery, as a slightly different size will not fit.

Citizen watch battery replacement sizes are usually a 395 (SR927SW) or 371 (SR920SW).

4. How to Replace a Watch Battery in a Citizen

Take note of the positioning of the battery, you’ll need to replace the new one in the same manner. Inside certain Citizen watch models, there is a clip over the battery that holds the cell in place. If a clip is present, you will need to carefully remove or loosen it. 

Once the battery is accessible, ease the old battery out. Unpackage your new cell battery and replace it in the empty slot. Gently press the new battery into position, and reclip if necessary. 

Before closing the cover, make sure the watch is functional. If it is not, you may have installed the battery incorrectly. You can mail it to our service center for a complete inspection.

4. Secure the Cover Back on the Citizen Watch

If your watch is functioning properly, you’ve successfully replaced the battery. The last step is to secure the cover onto the watch. This process differs depending on how the watch opened.

If your watch has a hinge back, we recommend securing the case with a watch press setIf you do not have a press, you can secure the case back with your thumbs. You’ll need to apply a significant amount of pressure. Press it case back into place with your thumbs, you will feel a click. 

If you removed the case with an adjustable remover, you can tighten the case back into place with the same tool.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to replace a battery in a Citizen watch. If you are having issues, or require a Citizen watch solar battery replacement, please feel free to request a shipping label. We provide a variety of Citizen watch repair services, including battery replacements, movement services, crystal replacements, watch band repairs, and more. We will happily restore your watch to full functionality.